6 Discussion and Future Work

The concept of a Process, while intuitively very simple, is actually quite complex, with many adjoining concepts. Thus, while the authors of this paper are certain that the central concept of a Process is a worthy one, there may be other tied concepts, subconcepts and concept relations still hidden beneath the conglomerate Process.

The major normative Processes are also perhaps not as intuitive as possible. They seem to partition the types of extant role-playing processes quite well, however. Still, the descriptive part of the model works just as well with more free-form components.

If one goes far enough, many of the normative Processes can be seen as the Exploration of a Concept through the SIS, for example Immersion being the Exploration of Immersion through role-playing, and so on. Further thought is needed to clear the matter.

A big field for future work will be to further analyze the common interactions between the various Methods, Processes and Results -- and in breaking those defaults by applying new, innovative methods.

Eetu Mäkelä 2005-03-02