Author Descriptions

Eetu Mäkelä

Eetu Mäkelä is a 26-year-old student of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki, minoring in Sociology. He finds employment as a project leader in the Semantic Computing Research Group at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology. Oddly enough, he has also published on Molecular Biology.

Eetu has been roleplaying since the 80's and larping since 1996. He has organized ca. 25 larps. He is a storyteller, a shaman and the boasting champion of the Finnish Glorantha Association.

From roleplaying he usually seeks Meaning and Entertainment. These he gains through Empathizing with Entities along with Exploring Concepts. When possible, he also Immerses.

Sampo Koistinen

Sampo Koistinen is a 22-year-old young man from Helsinki, Finland. Currently he is studying Comparative Religion and Anthropology at the University of Helsinki, although most of his time is spent planning and thinking about role-playing games. For the last year or so most of the games he has played and organized have been tabletop, in a group which has explored innovative systems and methods to better understand and develop their concept of role-playing. When not reading or playing he enjoys traditional Finnish dances, ashtanga yoga, capoeira, wondering the human physique or discussing Buddhism.

Mikko Siukola

Mikko Siukola , 24, is a brisk Computer Science student at the university of Helsinki. He works as a freelance-sidekick for the press, seeking to enliven the relationship between written word and himself.

He hopes for games in general to have intelligence-boggling qualities, but in rpgs he is mostly in search for Meaning, Entertainment, rich experiences outside the scope of his normal way of life, Immersion and flashes of Social Role-playing.

Originating from the free-spirited side of the world, his other interests include guitar, yoga, lively art and jokes of irresistible quality.

Sanni Turunen

Sanni Turunen is a 21-year-old third year Astronomy student at the University of Helsinki, minoring in Geology and Theoretical Physics and having a special interest in astrobiology and the origin of life. She has role-played since 1997, seeking mostly Immersion and powerful experiences in a good balance. Sanni wishes to find ways to make every gaming event a good one. She takes also interest in photography, handicrafts, horseback riding and hiking. Her favorite food is kiwi fruit and she likes all plants and animals except mosquitos.

As a whole, the group has recently been exploring innovative tabletop gaming systems and methods. Via one-shot experiments and analysis, the group seeks to better understand and push the limits of what roleplaying can be.

Eetu Mäkelä 2005-03-02