A. Glossary of Terms used in the Process Model

A..1 Descriptive Framework

Imagined Space
A conceptual space defined by the facts, expectations and hopes about the imagined reality explored, as perceived by an individual.
Shared Imagined Space
The intersection of the Imagined Spaces of the participants of role-playing.
Shared Space of Imagining
All the facts, contracts, expectations and intentions concerning the act of role-playing. Includes the SIS.
A final wanted or unwanted outcome of role-playing.
A wanted outcome of role-playing. A distinct form of enjoyment.
An unwanted outcome of role-playing. A distinct form of discomfort.
A distinct operational part of play, that can be associated with a distinct, measurable quality.
Social Process
A process operating in the sphere of general social interactions
Role-Playing Process
A process particular to the act of role-playing, especially operating through the Shared Imagined Space.
A singular technique, rule or contract that is used or referred to in connection with the game. A constraint on or guide to how the game is played.
A parameter that affects the functioning of the various Processes.

A..2 Normative Vocabulary

A..2.1 Benefits

Enjoyment of fun, being together and passing the time.
Gaining new knowledge or understanding, affirming or questioning old knowledge, spiritual growth and reflection.
Enjoyment of an emotional experience, resonance with established thought constructs
Aesthetic Appreciation
Artistic appreciation, enjoyment of beauty and form.
Social Benefits
Positive changes in the social sphere arising from role-playing, the strengthening of social bonds, getting to know the other players better.
Physical Benefits
Positive changes in the physical sphere; increased fitness, improved body language, physical pleasure.

A..2.2 Losses

Frustration caused by lack of enjoyment. Usually caused by a failure to gain any Benefits.
False Knowledge
Misinformation, incorrect or misleading understanding.
Unwanted Emotional Experiences
Unwanted negative emotions, overly intensive experiences.
Aesthetic Failure
Failure of form, frustration caused by unengaging aesthetic aspirations.
Social Dysfunction
Negative effects in the social sphere, the worsening of relations.
Physical Hindrances
Negative effects in the physical sphere; catching a cold, spraining an ankle, suffering a hangover.

A..2.3 Processes

The pursuit of victory
Maintenance and enjoyment of tension
The besting of challenge and the overcoming of adversity
Exploration of an Entity of the Shared Imagined Space
Exploring the many-fold interactions a single entity has with others.
Exploration of a Concept through the Shared Imagined Space
Exploring a concept through its expressions in the Shared Imagined Space, and bringing forth such expressions to be explored.
Equating the self with an entity of the Shared Imagined Space, feeling and acting as that entity

A..2.4 Other

a form of experiencing the Shared Imagined Space. An emotional response to or resonance with something in the SIS.

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