The Process Model of Role-Playing

Eetu Mäkelä, Sampo Koistinen, Mikko Siukola and Sanni Turunen

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This paper presents the Process Model of Role-Playing. The model provides concepts to describe and analyze role-playing sessions, to describe role-playing preferences, as well as to plan and convey visions of future role-playing sessions and campaigns. The core idea of the work presented here is to look at role-playing as a set of interacting processes, distinct aspects of the act of role-playing that go on over a period of time. On top of this, a model is built that identifies the various processes, as well as the end results of role-playing, the individual methods used, and the interactions of all these components. Index terms: process models, role-playing, role-playing styles, models of role-playing, role-playing analysis

Eetu Mäkelä 2005-03-02